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9 Self Protection Myths for Women

LouAnn Morey

Too many women have the idea that their biggest issue to be concerned about when defending themselves is their size. That thought process is in line with that typically men are bigger than women. Thus, they are stronger. But when it comes to the sociopathic criminal, a woman’s size and strength isn’t the problem they need to be concerned with. 

We have gathered nine of the most common myths that women have when it comes to self-defense and the argument against those myths. 

Myth Number One: Reason with an attacker

A person in their right mind isn’t going to walk up to somebody and demand their wallet or watch. The person that would do such a thing isn’t in their right mind. Thus, they aren’t in the right mind to reason with anyone. Your best bet is to even the game or level the playing field, as it is said. 

Myth Number Two: Scream if you are being attacked

If you are ever being attacked, you only have a few seconds to act and respond. You don’t have time for hesitation or to wait for help to arrive. As such, your best bet is to meet your attacker with self-defense that will cause injury.  If the attacker has any moment of hesitation, use it to your advantage. 

Myth Number Three: You must cause the attacker pain

You need to injure your attacker, not just hurt him if you want your self-defense to be 100% effective. 

Myth Number Four: Being fit and in shape will save your life 

It won’t matter how fit or in shape you are if you’re attacked if you don’t have self-defense abilities and mentality. Working out and getting stronger is good for all over general health and will help you make your targets for injury more forceful, but even the weakest woman can injure her attacker if she knows the right things to do. 

Myth Number Five: Technical self-defense skills are a must

If you can defend yourself without injuring your attacker, that may be a cool trick, but injuring your attacker is still the most effective way of protecting yourself.  The method or technique you use to injure doesn’t matter, as long as you use force and hit your target. 

Myth Number Six: Women who survive have no fear

The first emotion that anyone, male or female, will experience when they are in a violent situation is fear. So, when a woman is approached by a man holding a weapon, the adrenaline begins pumping and the heart begins to beat faster.

It is this type of reaction you want because it initiates the instinct to survive.  It is this instinct that will help you focus on defending yourself and getting away from your attacker. By knowing different ways to respond, the fear is still present, but you’ll know that you can injure your attacker and that will give you the confidence to survive.

Myth Number Seven: Stay focused on blocking your attacker’s moves

When you focus on how to react to your attacker's moves, you’re hesitating could be what gives him the advantage. You shouldn’t be thinking about what his next move will be, but on what your next move is.

Myth Number Eight: Back away from the attacker

You will be the one getting injured, or worse when you find yourself in a life-threatening situation. Same is true when you start backing up as it is when you hesitate to determine what the attacker’s next move is going to be. You’re in a better situation if you move toward your attacker because it will catch them off-guard.

Myth Number Nine: Hit often and quick

Kicking and throwing punches is going to have the same effect as slapping your attacker. When you find yourself in danger, throw your weight into the attacker and strike him before he strikes you.

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