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Are you Prepared to Protect Yourself in a Home Invasion?

LouAnn Morey

Sadly, and frighteningly, home invasions and home robberies have increased in recent years, even in the suburbs where we’re all moving to for safety. A home invasion can be more than just a ransacking of your belongings. They usually include beatings and rape, and can sometimes end in the murder of one or more inside the home.

The best way to be prepared to protect yourself during a home invasion is to avoid being an easy target at home. At the rate, crime is increasing all around the world right now, even taking those steps to avoid becoming a target isn’t enough. So, we’re going to provide some tips here that can help you survive a home invasion or home robbery.

A Safe Room

Every home should have a "safe room" where the occupants can flee to and take shelter if a forced entry is taking place. The door should have a deadbolt lock that is locked as soon as everyone is inside.

A Code Word

Experts in home safety recommend establishing a code word among family members to indicate when to get in the safe room. It can be one word like "ESCAPE" or “SAFETY” or a phrase, "GET SAFE."

Furnishing the Safe Room

No, you don’t need to furnish your safety room as you would other rooms in your home. Things you should have in your safety room are:

  • A piece of heavy furniture that you can slide over in front of the door
  • Two pieces of wood in 4x4 size to use as leverage between the piece of furniture and the back wall
  • One 3/4-inch piece of plywood bolted to the back wall to prevent the 4x4 from being shoved through the drywall in case the home invaders find your safe room
  • A spare cell phone to call 911- Remember the wires to a landline can be cut
  • A small lock box or safe with safety equipment inside like a Safety Cat

 After You’re Secured in Your Safe Room

Call 911 and give them your address and the situation – then stay in your safe room. If you’re “lucky” with a home invasion, the intruders will do nothing more than collect valuables, but if they do find the door to your safe room, you’ll be prepared.


Safety First Products

In today’s world, nobody can ever be too prepared to practice self-defense. The Safety Cat, Carabiner, and The Safety First Tube Whistle are perfect for personal protection and self-defense for women.

The Carabiner and Tube Safety Whistles are made of anodized aluminum, and the Safety Cat is made of anodized aircraft aluminum. They can be carried easily; taking very little room in your purse and carried comfortably in the hand so that you are ready to strike when needed.

Make sure every female member of your family has one of these, or both items, with them at all times. Hopefully, they’ll never need to use them but will give everyone peace of mind knowing they have these tools in hand, so you are ready to sound an alarm or to strike when needed.

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