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The Best Self-Defense Moves

LouAnn Morey

Have you ever given thought to how you would defend yourself if you were ever to be physically attacked? Just like many things in life, this isn’t something that we want to think about, but we need to. Regardless of your size, your strength, or if you’ve had any training, there are some basic moves you can do that will effectively help you defend yourself.

The best self-defense is prevention; meaning don't let yourself be an unsuspecting and vulnerable target. Always be aware of what’s around you, stay in areas that are well-lit, have your keys in your hand as you walk to your car or door, and change your route from time-to-time when jogging, walking, even on your drive home.

If your would-be attacker is demanding your jewelry or wallet, give it to them and avoid possible confrontation. However, if you sense that you can’t avoid violence, then use any or all of the following basic moves to defend yourself:

Be Loud and Shove Back

The moment your attacker touches you, or you can see that there isn’t any way to escape, yell at him to back off and then shove him away. This will let it be known you need help and lets the attacker know that you are in defense mode and won’t be an easy target.

The Effective Body Areas to Target

You have very little time, seconds, to respond to a confrontation. By knowing the effective body areas to target your defense ahead of time, the better prepared you’ll be. You need to make every attempt to defend yourself before your attacker can make a move, and this includes conserving your energy. Make every move count. Here are the key areas of the body to target and how:

The Eyes: Gouge, poke, scratch using your fingers and knuckles. This will cause injury and pain as well as temporarily blind your attacker.

The Nose: If you’re being attacked from the front, hit the attacker under the nose with the heel of your hand and throw your body’s weight into it. If you are being attacked from behind, aim for the nose with your elbow, again, throwing all your weight into it.

The Neck: A bigger area to aim for is the side of the neck. Here you have a chance of hitting the carotid artery or the jugular vein which can temporarily stun the attacker by using your fingers to make a knife-like strike to the neck.

Follow our next piece on how to get the most out of self-defense by using other objects along with your body.

Safety First Products

In today’s world, nobody can ever be too prepared to practice self-defense. The Safety Cat, Carabiner, and The Safety First Tube Whistle are perfect for personal protection and self-defense for women.

The Carabiner and Tube Safety Whistles are made of anodized aluminum, and the Safety Cat is made of anodized aircraft aluminum. They can be carried easily; taking very little room in your purse and carried comfortably in the hand so that you are ready to strike when needed.

Make sure every female member of your family has one of these, or both items, with them at all times. Hopefully, they’ll never need to use them but will give everyone peace of mind knowing they have these tools in hand, so you are ready to sound an alarm or to strike when needed.

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