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Get the Most of the Basic Defense Moves

LouAnn Morey

We recently published a piece on how to use your body to defend yourself against an attacker.  Here we’re going to tell you how to get the maximum damage. The elbows, head, and knees are the most sensitive parts of the body when hit. They are also the body parts that can do the most damage. 

Using Everyday Items:

There are items that you probably carry around every day, or they are somewhere near you, that you can use as a weapon. It can be your keys, a pen, even your briefcase or handbag. If you are outside, grab a handful of dirt and throw in the attacker’s eyes. Grab your perfume and spray it in the attacker’s eyes. 

Use Your Weight:

It doesn’t matter how small you are or how strong you are; you can use your body to defend yourself with strategic moves and the law of physics. Kicking and punching are good defense moves, but using your body’s weight strategically is better.

Wrist Hold:

If your attacker grabs your wrist, squat down and take a strong stance. Then lean forward as you bend your elbow to the attacker’s forearm. Keep leaning until he isn’t able to hold your wrist any longer.

Choke Holds:

Bend your elbow in then push upwards. By swinging one arm across, you can break the hold and with the other arm, use the knife type strike as described above.

Bear Hug:

If your attacker is holding you from behind, let your weight drop and use your elbows to hit him in the head.  Use your feet to stomp your attacker’s feet, or pull his fingers backward.

Mount Position:

If your attacker pins you to the floor, pivot yourself so that you’re on top and with one hand, hook yourself onto his wrist.  With your free hand, grab his elbow so that your attacker’s arm is trapped to your chest. Using your feet, hook his feet and then lifting your hips, use your foot to trap the attacker’s foot and leg.  Lift your hips, roll over on your knees so that you’re on top.

Safety First Products

In today’s world, nobody can ever be too prepared to practice self-defense. The Safety Cat, Carabiner, and The Safety First Tube Whistle are perfect for personal protection and self-defense for women.

The Carabiner and Tube Safety Whistles are made of anodized aluminum, and the Safety Cat is made of anodized aircraft aluminum. They can be carried easily; taking very little room in your purse and carried comfortably in the hand so that you are ready to strike when needed.

Make sure every female member of your family has one of these, or both items, with them at all times. Hopefully, they’ll never need to use them but will give everyone peace of mind knowing they have these tools in hand, so you are ready to sound an alarm or to strike when needed.

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