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When You’re out Shopping, Watch the Sales and Hidden Cameras!

LouAnn Morey

The days of casual, fun shopping trips, requires women must be more cautious today. There are people out there that have evil intentions that can place a woman in danger. Here are some suggestions that can keep you safe so that your casual, fun shopping day is just that!

  1. Upon entering a dressing room, check over the items you’re trying on for tiny, unusual pin holes on the walls where there may be a hidden camera.
  2. Look for any strange items in the dressing room that could be holding a hidden camera.  Some items that may be used are clocks, handbags, stuffed animals, etc. If there are any wall outlets, cover them up with a piece of clothing.
  3. If the store offers a wireless network, make a phone call and listen for magnetic clicking sounds. This could be indicating static interference. If your phone calls don’t go through, there most likely is some electronic device in the area.
  4. If there is any tinted glass, use some clothing item to cover it. It could be a two-way mirror.
  5. Look under any chair or stool, the ceiling and around the changing room for hidden cameras.

It doesn’t matter what level of store you’re shopping, either. From the big box stores to the high-end luxury stores, there are evil people anywhere and everywhere.


Safety First Products

In today’s world, nobody can ever be too prepared to practice self-defense. The Safety Cat, Carabiner, and The Safety First Tube Whistle are perfect for personal protection and self-defense for women.

The Carabiner and Tube Safety Whistles are made of anodized aluminum, and the Safety Cat is made of anodized aircraft aluminum. They can be carried easily; taking very little room in your purse and carried comfortably in the hand so that you are ready to strike when needed.

Make sure every female member of your family has one of these, or both items, with them at all times. Hopefully, they’ll never need to use them but will give everyone peace of mind knowing they have these tools in hand, so you are ready to sound an alarm or to strike when needed.

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