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3 Tips for Safe Jogging Practices

There are many benefits to jogging, which is why it is so popular in the world of physical fitness. However, for the person that is just getting started, it may be difficult to find time to jog due to school or a work schedule. So, they may get their jog in during the early morning hours, or late in the evening after their day is done.

With that all being stated, the safety issue comes to the surface.  We have three recommendations that can make your early morning or late evening jog a safer time.

Brightly Colored Clothing

The lighting is poor in the early morning, early evening, or late night. By wearing clothing with bright colors and reflective stripping, it is easier for drivers to see you.  It will also discourage an intruder looking for an easy mugging.

Stay on the Same Route 

Choose a safe route and stay on that route each time you run. You’ll become familiar with it yourself in case you have an emergency arise. Those waiting for you to return will know where to look should be gone longer than expected.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings 

If you’re running at night, avoid parks, bushes, shrubs, or anywhere that make an easy hiding place. Stay in open areas and have a defensive device on you in case of trouble.  A good example of a defensive device would be pepper spray or a safety key ring such as the ones pictured here.

Use Common Sense

The things we’ve suggested here are basic, common sense, but all too often, somebody new, or even experienced at jogging, simply doesn’t use their common sense.  It is common to see joggers preoccupied with their cell phone, iPod, or their running to be aware of the potential dangers that are around.