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About us

Safety First is a family owned business providing high-quality self-defense products designed specifically for women.  Many women worry that they will anger their attacker and get hurt worse if they defend themselves, but statistics clearly show that your odds of survival are far greater if you do fight back.  No matter what your age or physical condition, it is important to understand that you can and should defend yourself physically.

This is why Safety First offers very strong, durable products designed specifically for self-defense purposes. Products include the Safety Cat self-defense keychain, Safety Whistles, and Velcro Key Pouch.

One of our products, Safety Cat, is a self-defense, personal protection tool made from very strong, durable aircraft aluminum and comes in 5 anodized colors.

When holding the Safety Cat, your two fingers will be placed in the eyes of the cat and the face of the cat will rest securely in the palm of your hand. The smooth, sleek design of the Safety Cat will feel very comfortable in your hand, and you will be able to grasp it firmly.

Remember, the Safety Cat is used for self-defense purposes only, but if your fighting for your life the unique design of the Safety Cat is made for striking at the eyes of your attacker or attacking any fleshy part of the body.

Safety First was featured in the May 2007 edition of the Owasso, OK Reporter by Staff Writer Amanda Morgan-Scott.

Safety First sells self-defense keychains and personal safety whistles. Safety Cat, made of aircraft aluminum, offers a strong self-defense weapon while also serving as a decorative keychain. 

Owner LouAnn Morey demonstrates how the Safety Cat self-defense keychain can be placed on the fingers when walking to the car in case self-defense is necessary.