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Planning to Start Jogging in This Year? Here are a Few Safety Tips for You

Do your New Year’s Resolutions include jogging? Maybe you need to lose a few pounds for your upcoming wedding or simply to be in better health. Or, maybe you made a bet with your spouse? Have you signed up for a race, maybe?

No matter the reason, jogging is one of the best ways to meet any of those goals, and once it becomes a part of your daily regimen, it is a healthy thing to do – if you’re careful. This means buying the right clothing, the right shoes and jogging in safe areas with caution.

Here we offer a few tips that will make jogging as safe as it is healthy:

Jog With Somebody

Find a friend, invite your spouse or a sibling to jog with you. There are gyms that have a companion program that set it up for two or three people to jog together. When you jog in groups, the opportunity for somebody with ill intentions is minimized.

Handheld Device

Listening to music while you jog can make it nicer. Some people will take their iPod, but today, with Smartphones, you can take your music with you and have a communication device should you have any problems, too.  However, don’t let the music distract from you being aware of your surroundings!

Bright Colored Clothing

Be sure to wear bright-colored, reflective clothing; especially if you are jogging in the early morning or early evening hours. Wear a bright colored headband and shoes so that you get the attention of drivers. Wear clothing that is right for the weather, no matter if its summer or winter.

Avoid Places that are Isolated

Even if you have somebody jogging with you, avoid isolated places. Jog in areas where there is a constant stream of cars and foot traffic.

Safety Protection

When you set out to jog, you’ll need your house or vehicle keys, so why not have them on a safety keyring that can be a defense weapon, too? You can buy an item like this one and have your keys and a mode of safety protection with you at all times.