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Self-Defense: How and When it Came to Exist

Because it is such a broad term, the history of when self-defense came into existence can’t be pinpointed. However, the wide spectrum of it, we can safely say that it most likely came to be at the beginning of time. Even early on, humans had to protect themselves, and they would go on to teach others the strategies.

Self-defense would evolve into more sophisticated forms, like martial arts. Today, we have many forms of self-defense in addition to martial arts such as kickboxing, pepper spray, and Safety Cat Keychains. The self-defense that is taught primarily to women is a popular form of defense, but there are any different types women's self-defense with a variety of styles and techniques.

 A woman is taught how to defend herself from attackers using evasive maneuvers instead of one-on-one strikes. The supporting theory behind this is when a woman is attacked, instead of facing her attacker, she should use a strategy that will get her away from the situation.

On the Street

Another self-defense form is street fighting, which is a normal instinct, but there are classes that teach this, as well. The main purpose of street fighting is much like that of martial art:  Bring your opponent down and in your control, disabling them from attacking you any further. Everyone should learn some form of self-defense. Because regardless which type of self-defense you learn, you’ll be able to take care of yourself.