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Safety Tips for the Active Outdoor Gal

Once the weather gets warmer, more people get outside, especially women. Warm weather will find women out jogging and running, enjoying the weather while getting in shape for bathing suit season. Warm weather also sees more attacks on women, as well.

You can prevent being one of those victims by following these basic, simple safety rules that are really nothing more than common sense:

  • Wear earphones in one ear only. This will enable you to hear both traffic and anyone approaching you. When you can hear what’s around you and approaching you, you aren’t as likely to be a victim.
  • Carry a defensive device with you. This can include mace, pepper spray or one of these safety keys. You can even carry a one pound weight with you that you use to exercise as you jog and for a weapon if needed.
  • Never jog alone – there is safety in groups. It doesn’t mean you won’t run into trouble, but the chances are less likely when there is more than one of you.
  • Stay aware of what is around you at all times and each time you jog. If a house or something looks different than it did the last time you jogged by, change sides of the street.
  • If possible, avoid jogging during dusk or at dawn. The brighter the daylight, the safer you’ll be.
  • Always let somebody know when and where you’re jogging as well as when you expect to be back.

There is nothing on this list that is costly or inconvenient. As we said in the beginning, it is mostly common sense.