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Cat Self Defense Keychains

Why you need a safety cat today!

Everyone needs a cat like this one! Safety Cat isn’t just a cute cat keychain and certainly isn’t a toy. Safety Cat is a self-defense keychain that can give serious injury and pain to an attacker. While designed with women in mind, it is perfect for men, too.

These are technology improved designs that have been around for a few years. Where they were once a heavy metal, today they are made from aircraft aluminum that is durable, making it hard to break. This is just what you should have – a cat keychain for self-defense that won’t break right when you need it.

Where do you Store It?

First, any self-defense keychain shouldn’t be “stored.” When you’re walking to and from a building or your car, you should have your self-defense in hand. This ability is what makes our cat keychain ideal. You simply hook it onto your key chain, keep your keychain in your hand anytime you are out and about, and it will provide you self-defense protection. It’s just all right there in your hand!

How do you use it?

Simply slip your fingers through the cat’s eyes, then give your attacker the devastating strikes they aren’t expecting. Use the cat self-defense key chain to deliver a blow in the face of your attacker that is so painful and stunning, they’ll let back off, giving you time to escape.

This is better than the advice of keeping your keys resting between your fingers to hurt an attacker. This self-defense key chain adds more impact than just one or two keys and it won’t collapse backward like a key will. The cat keychain provides a more effective self-defense style.

What makes this even better for women? It is compact and it is cute! Yes, this self-defense cat keychain is compact, cute, easy to carry, and effectively powerful. Because it is on your keychain, it is easy to access and the tough molded aluminum is durable and strong.