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Velcro Key Pouch - SafetyFirst

Safety First

Velcro Key Pouch


Our Safety First Velcro Key Pouch is made out of a very strong polypropylene material. The pouch is re-enforced and double stitched and has a Velcro closure holding your spare key safely inside the pouch. Unlike magnetic Hide-a-Key pouches that fall off going down the road, the Safety First Velcro Key Pouch bonds securely to any part of your vehicle with a 3.25" x 2" adhesive industrial strength Velcro strip. The pouch will be held securely until you remove it to retrieve your hidden key, then just replace the pouch on the Velcro strip for future use. The Safety First Velcro Key Pouch measures 4" long and 3" wide, large enough to accommodate all key sizes. Usually ships within two to three business days.

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